Commentary: Under attack Loew discovers his fighting spirit

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The 58-year-old is fully aware of his new role as a crisis manager. He accepted having to face a difficult task since he came under attack due to the country's poor World Cup performance. Insiders say the 2014 World Champions coach understood that he is having to fight for his job in the remaining games of 2018.

By Oliver Trust

The Manchester City striker is said to be in the starting 11 to support 22-year-old Timo Werner (RB Leipzig) and help to improve the team's so far poor performance in front of the goal. In the last 11 games, Germany only scored ten goals but failed to score in five games. Mueller only managed to score once in 2018.

Loew said the newly structured German team will get along better as "we improved the balance between a strong offense and a solid defense." It seems time for the Germans to perform better as the last victory in an away game against the Netherlands was achieved as far back as in 1996 with former German coach Juergen Klinsmann scoring the winning goal.

Despite the current turmoil of Bayern Munich, the German coach announced that he will count on his experienced axis made of Manuel Neuer, Jerome Boateng, Mats Hummels, Joshua Kimmich and Thomas Mueller.

Being demoted to League B would cause damage beyond repair and lead to a new discussion about his future as German coach. According to reports, the German association has set up a plan B in case Loew fails to deliver.

BERLIN, Oct. 13 (Xinhua) -- Joachim Loew seems to have found a suitable way to deal with the most challenging period of his career as German national coach.

In advance of the two crucial duels in the newly formed Nations League against the Netherlands (this Saturday) and reigning World Champions France (next Tuesday) success of the past doesn't count anymore. The 58-year-old needs to initiate a successful restart.

After former German international Philipp Lahm recently suggested Loew has to change his leadership methods to manage the current critical times, former German captain Michael Ballack accused the German association of ignoring the fact "that things don't fit together anymore after the long period he has been in charge."

Instead, Loew is still full of determination. He repeatedly claims to have found the suitable concept for the crisis, namely calmness.

Being relegated wouldn't be accepted as Germany's reputation as a leading football nation is endangered.

Loew said it does not bother him as critics come naturally after last summer's disappointment at the tournament in Russia.

"I have been German coach for ages I would say. And I tell you I am used to dealing with expectations and pressure," Loew commented adding the current unpleasant situation is nothing new for him.

The former striker seems well prepared. He considers his answers conscientiously, and they appear convincing. His daily work with his squad is said to be intense. Reports say every detail needs his approval.

"This will give orientation to younger players," he said. He most likely was talking about 22-year-old Leroy Sane.

Loew reacted in a comparatively restrained manner. "Opinions like that don't affect our work. We have a job to do, to be honest, I haven't even read any articles on that," Loew commented.

Loew has discovered that he indeed has the fighting spirit.

Loew called the outcome of the crucial matches against Germany's longtime rivals as "trendsetting for our Nations League campaign." At the same time, he is aware his job will depend on his team's performance.